Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

These is a voyages take in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia as well as the Antarctic Peninsula. They are longer, more expensive voyages than those that only visit the Antarctic Peninsula, but South Georgia is a wildlife 'mecca' - the 'Galapagos of the Southern Ocean', therefore many people feel that having traveled all the way to Ushuaia and given that they are on the trip of a lifetime, they would like to see South Georgia as well. The Falkland Islands are of considerable interest too, not just a stop off point en-route to South Georgia. They have amazing wildlife and the interesting history of the 1982 conflict. We also have a voyage that only visits South Georgia without visiting Antarctica. This of interest to people who have already visited Antarctica, but have not yet visited South Georgia and those who want an extended time in South Georgia.

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South Georgia & Falklands only
20 Nights - From €10,900
James leads a toast at Shackleton's grave, South Georgia
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