Greenland, Russian Arctic, Svalbard & Jan Mayen 

We offer multiple voyages in the Arctic. At the start of the season the ships depart their home port the Netherlands and head via Aberdeen, UK or Bremerhaven, Germany to reach first Fair Isle in the Shetland Islands, followed by Jan Mayen. They then follow the ice edge reach Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago. In  the early part of the season (June), the voyages occur in the north west of Spitsbergen, the largest island in Svalbard. In July as the summer season progresses the waters become more and more ice free, and complete circumnavigations of Spitsbergen are possible. By August it is usually possible to reach Svalbard's remotest island Kvitøya and the Russian Arctic islands of Franz Josef Land. At the very end of the season in September it is possible to access east Greenland's frigid coast and enter its magnificent fjord systems.

A map showing the location of PolaWorld Travel's Arctic expedition cruises
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How to choose between Svalbard, the Russian Arctic and Greenland?

A photograph of James Cresswell on Rode Island, east Greenland
James on a Greenlandvoyage

"If wildlife is your priority then choose Svalbard or the Russian Arctic, however if scenery and geology is your priority then choose Greenland.  If you prefer to focus on polar bears on the sea ice choose the early season North Spitsberegn voyages, but if you prefer to see more of Svalbard with polar bears on the land choose Around Spitsbergen. If you want an expedition to rarely visited islands then choose Jan Mayen or the Russian Arctic. Alternatively if you prefer a geological road trip then choose Iceland." Please contact James to discuss all the options.

Svalbard & jan mayen


russian arctic